zold-kapu Zöld kapu
Kisvendéglő kerthelyiséggel, muskátlival, kockás abrosszal.
Étterem Óbuda szívében, nagy adagokkal, házias ízekkel. Étterem Óbuda hangulatával.
1034 Budapest  Szőlő St 42
Menza is a fresh, young place and has a perfect location. It is ideal for a quick business appointment or for a lunch or dinner during sightseeing.
1061 Budapest  Liszt Ferenc tér 2
Szeráj is a cheap and typical “eat-late” restaurant. After a rocking party, if you’re terribly tired and just want a gyros before going to bed, come to Szeráj and sit in for a couple of minutes.
1055 Budapest, Szt. István körút 13
atable A table
à table!, or Dinner’s ready! is the name Anthony Lecaude chose for his French bakeries. As their signboards advertise, à table! boulangerie-pâtisserie are two authentic French bakery and pastry shops. Pay a visit to these homely pastry shops in Budapest and you’ll surely be tempted by the wafting scent of croissants, crispy baguettes and sourdough bread.
Retek str 6, 1024 Budapest
gyradiko Gyradiko
World Cuisine
1039 Budapest, Királyok útja – Pünkösdfürdő utca sarok
 spiler Spíler
 In Gozsdu Udvar, the party center of Budapest downtown,Spíler represent the ruin pub 2.0 cathegory, with its new-wave ideas and cool atmosphere. The interior is sometimes very eclectic and corwded, but it’s also very trendy because it also uses street art elements.
Spíler uses space very wisely, there is self service buffet, garden and a bar with anti-cliché music and also the place’s target group seems to be awesome.
As to it’s gastro-side, Spíler provides Hungarian craft beers, and a special pizza-like breads called kenyérlángos, made in a real furnice. Also their hamburger is a must-try.
 1075 Budapest, Király utca 13.
 evezos-sorkert Evezős Beer Garden
Evezős Beer Garden has been operating on the beautiful segment of the Danube’s shore known as Római-part for over twenty years. It is highly recommended to give the fried trout a try, and there are other fish such as sea bass, hake, and pike. From 2010 October, there’s aBowling Club right next to the Beer Garden, where you can find a shelter when the weather gets bad.
1031 Budapest, Római part 34.
 iguana Iguana
If you go to Iguana and you’ll feel like somewhere in Albuquerque or Phoenix since the owner came from the States to create an International-Expat atmosphere with decent Mexican food and American style bar. It has become quite comfortable with being popular, but they still have really good dishes and the setting is perfect for kids and families as well. Don’t expect too much so as not to be disappointed, but they sure serve the best Mexican cocktails and drinks in town.
1055 Budapest, Zoltán utca 16

Trattoria Pomo D’Oro

Trattoria is a busy place in the very center of Budapest, overhyped by the successful marketing of their celeb-chef. It offers an ordinary Italian experience so this restaurant is an ideal spot to have a break during sightseeing and refresh yourself with a drink and some pasta.
 1051 Budapest, Arany János str. 9.
vapiano Vapiano
Vapiano, celebrating its tenth birthday in 2012, specializes in quality Italian fast food, and puts a great emphasis on granting unique dish-wishes, while also operating a spectacular show kitchen. Pizzas, pastas, salads, and sweets are prepared right in front of your very eyes, the way you like them the most.
V. kerület Bécsi utca 5.
pastrami Pastrami
Pastrami is an ideal choice if you want to go to an informal restaurant. Perfect for a family with kids or a group of friends. Great terrace, correct food, wines and breakfast for a moderate price.
1036 Budapest, Lajos utca 93-99.



Brody House

Brody House is a real hidden secret: hub for creativity and art. The place  provides unique accommodation or room hire for guests (members and non-members) in a unique boutique hotel style. The House offers individually designed bedrooms and reception rooms for socialising, relaxing, reading or working and are also available for hire upon request. A real treasure in the heart of Budapest city!
1088 Budapest, Bródy S. u. 10.

Boscolo Hotels New York Palace Budapest

The Neo-baroque Boscolo Hotels New York Palace Budapest delivers an pleasant Italian atmosphere with its vivid colors in a central place of the city. The building does not only accomodate the luxurious hotel but the magnificent New York Café, too, with its beautiful frescoes and gilded ornamental elements. The spa faciliies also make for a memorable stay: you will find a sauna, a jacuzzi, and a Turkish bath as well. While the hotel is situated close to amenities, the neighborhood is not the most scenic in Budapest.
1073 Budapest, Erzsébet körút 9-11

Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal

An awardwinning hotel! The winner of the Travelers Choice Award in 2009. as the Best Luxury Hotel and the Best Hotel in the 25 top cities. The 110 year old building is a remarkable palace of the Grand Boulevard, hosting the largest luxury hotel of the city. The hotel is home to a world class conference and exhibition complex with unbeatable five star amenities, a relaxing spa and hosts some of the purest rooms of the city.
1073 Budapest, Erzsébet körút 43-49




Hajógyári Island (SZIGET)

Hajógyári or Óbudai Island is right north of Margaret Island, on the Buda side of the Danube. Hajógyári is theparty-island of Budapest. Its southern tip around Árpád Bridge is all year long a clubber’s paradise. The hippest, trendiest and biggest night clubs are collected here.
1033 Budapest, Hajógyári Sziget
volt-festival Volt Festival
Menza is a fresh, young place and has a perfect location. It is ideal for a quick business appointment or for a lunch or dinner during sightseeing.
Sopron, Lővér-kemping
Szechenyi-bath Széchenyi Bath
Széchenyi Bath is the biggest thermal bath complex in Budapest. It was designed and built in the early 20th century in a magnificent Neo-Baroque style. The bath is located in the city park, around the millennium monument and it is connected to the city centre with the Millennium Underground. Due to its size and the variety of services, Széchenyi is the most popular of all thermal baths in the city for Hungarians.
1055 Budapest, Szt. István körút 13

Kopaszi Dam

 It was a neglected part of Southern Buda but they have recently started a project to develop the area. The plan is to use the Lágymányosi Bay area for different real estate purposes. The first step of the project is to create a public park in the Kopaszi Dam similar to the Millenáris Park. It will be an ideal recreational area with our dogs, children or with a partner. An excellent place to relax from spring to fall.
1117 Budapest, Kopaszi gát 5.

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